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Join us today! Exp bonus.

By: admin | 2020-02-02 14:45:03

You will earn twice as many experience points as before for one week!
Welcome new players!

Exp: 70x
Party exp 75x
Drop: 40x
Gold: 20x

Next update in 1 week!

Your team


The client will be available within 24 hours!

Beta phase

By: admin | 2020-01-14 05:14:22

There will be a 1 week long beta server. After every single change, we the creaters were testing them as much as we could, but you never know sometimes one system intervene another.
Apply as soon as possible! All the players of beta server will instantly get 50 silk at Grand opening.
If you find any bugs or problems please let us know immediately, you will get rewarded! We will not tell you what that would be. We are going to keep it as a surprise! :)
Capacity will depend on the number of applicants! Which means registration will be periodical and than it is going to be closed.
One player can only make one account!

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Every Sunday 16:30 ~ 18:30


Every day 20:05 ~ 20:30
Every day 21:05 ~ 21:30

Honor Reset

Every second month

Unique Rank Reset

Every sunday 20:00

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